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This Dead Sea beach is providing a salty oasis for tourists in Israel

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Free to the public, this beach in southern Israel sits at 430 metres below sea level, making it the lowest place on earth.

Known for its mineral-rich, saline waters, Ein Bokek beach on the western shores of the Dead Sea is a favourite of wellness seekers looking for a healing swim.

Given a complete makeover in recent years, the resort town of Ein Bokek is arguably the best Dead Sea beach in Israel. And at this time of year, the water sits at a balmy 28 degrees Celsius.

The large, sandy beach has lifeguards and offers free amenities, including shade shelters, changing booths, open-air showers, toilets, a paved promenade and nighttime lighting.

The turquoise waters of the Dead Sea have a salt concentration of 34 per cent, that’s 10 times more than ocean water. When that salt collects, it can create unique salt formations that give bathers a place to lay back and drink in the sun.

If a soothing dip in these healing waters isn’t enough for you, the resorts that line the shores of Ein Bokek offer pampering mineral spas.

The public beach at Ein Bokek is accessible by buses which run multiple times a day from central Jerusalem.

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