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How technologies like AI and 3D printing are helping us design better, more sustainable products

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Author and futurist Tom Goodwin goes to London in episode three of The Edge to explore how new technologies like 3D printing, artificial intelligence and algorithms are enabling the next revolution in design.

Tom meets Benjamin Hubert, the founder of Layer, a studio that combines the latest technologies with “human-centred design”. He sees an example of that vision in their 3D-printed wheelchair, where each seat is custom-designed using algorithms to ensure optimal comfort and performance.

Next Tom talks to Mollie Claypool, an academic turned practitioner who is working on a sustainable, modular building method, like Lego for houses. The idea is to build a whole system that can be used by communities to design and build the homes and spaces they need.

The last stop on Tom’s journey is to meet designer and futurist Anab Jain of Superflux, to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence on the future of design and the role of designers in creating a more sustainable future.

Tom Goodwin, a writer and speaker about technology and the changing world, explores the future of design, art, money, mobility and more in The Edge, a video series exploring innovation and the people behind it all.

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